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#VowToMyself. BetterMe
Global Campaign
BetterMe is the fastest-growing family of Health&Fitness apps in the world, with over 95 million users from 190 countries.

BetterMe came to us with the ambitious goal to create the worldwide campaign that would reflect the "Creating Happiness Within" philosophy and inspire people around the world to love and appreciate their bodies in all shapes and weights.


We believe that only a person who learned to love and support himself no matter what can stand the long way to the better version of himself.

But how many of us are able to be true and loyal friends and partners to ourselves? To cheer for our own little victories and choose ourselves in times of doubts? Barely a lot…

However, in our society it's common to make timeless vows to the other person when we get married. We eagerly promise to love, honor, and support him or her forever. Sounds a little unfair… Why wouldn't each of us first make such a "vow" to himself?
This film is intended to inspire people all over the world to love themselves always, for better or for worse, on insta-ready days and ready-to-die days. This is the story of a girl who, after a long road of self-loathing, doubts, and numerous attempts to be like everyone else, finally vows to be true to herself and love herself. Always.

BetterMe`s Manifesto is a start of the global #VowToMyself campaign with a variety of multi-platform activities including Tik Tok Challenge and branded Instagram Filter.
CEO — Victoria Repa
Global Communication Manager — Nataly Lytvyn

Creative Director & Copywriter — Anya Goncharova
Service Director — Anastasia Havryliuk
PR — Marta Kyrylyuk
Copywriter — Nastya Sherepitko
Production - tvlab
Director - Ben Brand
DOP - Lena Chekhovskaya
Actress - Ania Kudriavtseva
Executive producer - Oleksandr Khmyrov
Producer - Yana Teranis
1st AD - Tonya Borysiuk

Head of postproduction - Maks Zadorozhny
Post production producer - Nastya Feschuk
Edit - Anton Mironenkov
Music - Cepasa
Postproduction - tvlab

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